Was discussing the prologue of Wild Tales with @miggles36 last night, we got to talking...
  1. Wild Tales
    "Does anyone else know Gabriel Pasternak?"
  2. Manhattan
    "Chapter One. He adored New York City..."
  3. Magnolia
    "And I would like to think this was only a matter of chance."
  4. Goldfinger
    Everything you expect from a Bond film condensed into a perfect five minute bite.
  5. Butch Cassy and the Sundance Kid
    "Hey Kid... how fast ARE you?"
    Suggested by @miggles36
  6. The Player
    Suggested by @vp
  7. Bye Bye Birdie
    Ann Margret singing against that blue screen isn't really a scene but it is.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr
  8. West Side Story
    Those aerial shots! And the dance-snapping down that tunnel!
    Suggested by @mason
  9. The Social Network
    Zuckerberg gets dumped by Rooney Mara before crossing snow covered Harvard campus in his Adidas shower shoes and no socks. Everything starts somewhere.
    Suggested by @mwepper
  10. Sound of Music
    This was shot in 70mm, so it's super HD (weird to see from an old musical). If you watch it now on our fancy TVs, the opening sequence flying over the mountains and hills and then zooming in on Julie Andrews is mind-blowing.
    Suggested by @jessie
  11. Boogie Nights
    Single shot! Neon! Music! Roller skates! Every actor!
    Suggested by @jessie
  12. Flirting with Disaster
    "My mother could be rich... She could be rich and smart. Or she could be rich and stupid."
    Suggested by @samboyd
  13. Harold & Maude
    *Harold hangs himself* "I suppose you think that's very funny, Harold."
    Suggested by @samboyd
  14. Drive
    Suggested by @jon
  15. Tie between Elliot Gould spending 10 minutes procuring cat food in THE LONG GOODBYE and Vincent Gallo spending 10 minutes having to piss in BUFFALO '66.
    Suggested by @JimGibson