1. All Good Things
    Jarecki/Gosling/Kiki D/Frank Motherfucking Langella
  2. The Staircase
    French made miniseries about the Michael Peterson trial. Imagine if The Jinx was being shot concurrently while Durst was on trial. Riveting.
  3. The Act of Killing
    If you thought the burp was disturbing...just wait.
  4. Serial
    Despite its problems. And if there's a universe in which you've devoured The Jinx as it aired, but are still sleeping on a months-old podcast that took the world by storm...
  5. Zodiac
    The David Fincher film / the Robert Graysmith book
  6. Eels' SOULJACKER album
    If you dig the theme song. I haven't spent any time with HOMBRE LOBO, the album that "Fresh Blood' is from. But the vibe of the song reminds me of this earlier Eels record I loved back in my college days.
  7. There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane
    Fascinating HBO documentary (though it's just a movie, not a miniseries) about the tragic, horrifying incident a few years ago where a seemingly normal housewife drove herself, her kids, and her nieces and nephews, the wrong way up the Taconic. It's heartbreaking and super compelling and becomes more of a meditation on denial than it is about really getting to the bottom of whatever happened that day.
    Suggested by @samboyd
  8. Thin Blue Line
    Errol Morris doc that actually affected the accused's life
    Suggested by @anu
  9. Paradise Lost
    Three part trilogy about the West Memphis Three
    Suggested by @anu
  10. Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
    Written by Vincent Bugliosi who prosecuted the Manson trial. It's incredible and scary to read (especially while in Los Angeles) and even when you think, "I know this story" it goes in a completely different direction
    Suggested by @erinmallorylong