Tour's over! Off for two weeks. Then the west coast run begins on June 1st.
  1. "So this is Cat Stevens?"
  2. Texan: "You don't have any other shirts?" Me: "No, we have one shirt." Very long pause. I help another customer. I turn back. "Did you want to buy something?" "I don't like the shirt." He walks away.
  3. "Can I help you?" "No, I bought the sad dead mom one."
  4. "I liked his beard. I wanted to caress it."
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  5. Sufjan, after soundcheck: "I need to get a small shirt. I can pay for it." Me: "If you payed, I'd just hand you back the money." He laughs. I hand him the shirt. Me: "These are selling really well." Sufjan: "I don't know why. They're so ugly."