Inspired by @RachelPologe
  1. Vice President of the Maine Facial Hair Club.
  2. Girl I went on one date with, to see this Austrian film about a pedo.
    We never spoke again.
  3. Tarantino's current editor.
  4. Guy whose MP3-blog I used to read in college.
  5. Girl I danced and smooched with at a party almost exactly two years ago. She now has a baby.
  6. A Kiwi TV personality.
  7. An indie film director who dates my friend's older brother.
  8. Paul Simon's son.
  9. A cousin in her 70s.
  10. Another cousin's former roommate.
  11. People I seemingly went to college and high school with but cannot place.
  12. Youngest sister of two sisters with whom I went to college.
    Coincidentally met this person at breakfast yesterday morning. She came to say hi to my dining companion, and barely acknowledged my existence.
  13. A bunch of you folks.