5:30 AM. Glasses deep inside pillowcase, pillowcase securely enveloping pillow, pillow wedged under neck.
  1. I fell asleep with my glasses on, then while unconscious I crammed my face inside the pillowcase. The loose glasses slid off my face and into the pillowcase, which I then closed.
  2. I'm crashing at @zoe's new place. The apartment is haunted. The ghost is fucking with me.
    A haunting in a Kazan house is not without precedent...
  3. As I did go back to bed for a few hours after my discovery, it's possible that this actually occurred only in my dreams.
    Possible! I thought I snapped a picture of the spectacles' outline in the pillowcase, but I now cannot find it on my phone. I did however tweet about the incident at 5:44 am.
  4. Last night I met and made love to a magician. This was her final trick.
    No memory of this, but... I dunno. Sex is the ultimate misdirection.
  5. I got drunk last night.
    Occam's razor, y'all