A great list prompt, originally listed by @miggles36
  1. Receding hairline/ponytail. Am into it.
  2. Okay fine. Bald ponytail.
  3. I speak most of my texts, tweets, emails, and lists aloud while typing.
  4. Find myself trolling pharmacy aisles for niche items meant for arcane ailments.
  5. Think I might be middle-aged, but am too chicken shit to look up when "middle-aged" technically begins.
  6. Been listening to jazz.
  7. Hurt my knee dancing with two younger women a year and a half ago. Knee still hurts sometimes. Afraid to dance much of the time.
  8. Still having great difficulty discerning whether or not @samboyd is Jewish.
  9. Was recently slapped during sexual intercourse. Had almost no reaction.