I inherently trust suggestions that come in via the smarties of The List App. And today that trust was upheld. Thanks @mandi and @willadoor
  1. The showtime and running time were most ideal.
  2. Saw some genuinely baffling trailers, including one in which Jack Huston grows up to be Alan Alda.
  3. The Duff is about as gleefully vulgar as PG-13 can get.
  4. Mae Whitman is positively delightful.
  5. References to Vincent Price & Spinal Tap.
  6. Ken Jeong is at his most refreshingly reigned-in.
  7. This film takes a firm anti-bros-with- acoustic-guitars stance.
  8. A speaker in the theater was broken, so the right channel of all the music sounded like fuzzed-out 90s grunge.
  9. If this film had been made one year later, The List App would totally be mentioned in the scene where the friends unfollow each other on social media when they break up.
  10. The Duff is the new The Jinx is the new The Knick.
  11. This movie has a dick on a chalkboard in it.