I like this format. Inspired by @Jen
  1. Finally becoming a recognized regular at Intelligentsia.
    And discovering the rare pleasure of Iced Oolong
  2. Short hair!
  3. Remembering how much I enjoy reading for pleasure. Just finished: How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt
    Gripping non-fiction book about the creation of the MP3, the dawn of music piracy, and the decline of the recording industry.
  4. James Blunt's Twitter account
  5. Going back into the editing room with @miggles36 for a few hours today.
    We were replacing some un-licensable music in his film. It made me very nostalgic.
  6. Re-watching THAT MOMENT, The Making of Magnolia and marveling at how young and cool PTA and Fiona Apple were together.
  7. One of my favorite bands has been mis-managed for years, and they finally traded up and signed with the best music manager with whom I've worked.
  8. Great new records from: Deradoorian, Telekinesis, Destroyer, Beach House, Yo La Tengo...
    And being very excited about the forthcoming Deerhunter slab.
  9. Taking almost nothing personally anymore.
    "Their loss." What a pleasant feeling.
  10. This recording of Andrew Van Wyngarden covering an obscure song by The Brazda Brothers (introduced to me by @ouecha).
  11. Working for the last six weeks at the lovely home of @jeffconrad and @AlexandraLouise, and regularly talking shop with this guy:
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    It will be strange not seeing them for a week.
  12. LATE ADDITION: hard foam roller.