Quite pleased with these acquisitions. I exercised great restraint, limiting my crate-digging due to store credit in the low four figures back at Amoeba. End result was one full record box floating mid-suitcase in a sea of dirty clothes.
  1. The Clique / Superman / 1969
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    A true gem of a song. One of my very favorites. Was 50% sure I didn't already have a copy. I need to clean this. http://bit.ly/1EQpW1X
  2. Country Funk / Country Funk / 1970
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    New England's answer to Buffalo Springfield. Have always dug this one, never owned it, and the vinyl is in really good condition. Beck sampled their song "A Part Of Me" on "Sissyneck." http://bit.ly/1A82TV1
  3. Diva Original Soundtrack Recording / Vladimir Cosma / 1981
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    Love this movie, love the score, realized I didn't own it the moment I came across it in a rad spot in Portland, Maine, called Moody Lords. http://bit.ly/1EQnLLK
  4. France Gall / L'Amérique/Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges / 1965
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    Peppy lil number. B-side is a Gainsbourg-penned bummerjam. http://bit.ly/1QUd2sh
  5. Z.Z. Hill / Greatest Hits: Dues Paid In Full / 1972
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    My friend Sam hipped me to this one as we were browsing at Sonorama in Montreal. He told me it was called Greatest Hits, despite only being the guy's first album. Turns out this isn't true. It is, however, a collection of his earlier singles. http://bit.ly/1A84cmN
  6. Mekons / The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll
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    Bought this because 1. I love Mekons and 2. The writing on the back cover... http://bit.ly/1EQrglC
  7. (The writing on the back cover)
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  8. Privilege Soundtrack
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    "A film so bizarre, so controversial, it shall crucify your mind to the tree of conscience." Enough said. http://bit.ly/1Jqhs8d
  9. Saâda Bonaire / Saâda Bonaire / 1984
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    Gently used copy of this Captured Tracks reissue. Fell in love with these mutant jams from Germany the moment I heard them. Special shit, happy to finally own it. http://bit.ly/1EQs6yO
  10. Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens / Cold World / 2014
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    She opened one of the shows on this tour. As soon as she was done I went out to the venue-operated merch booth to buy her record. I later learned that they ran my card twice! Didn't care too much. Because Naomi Shelton is that good. http://bit.ly/1KYrJXz
  11. Cat Stevens / Izitso / 1977
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    Soft folk goes electro-pop. Precursor to Sufjams. Saw it, realized I didn't own "Was Dog a Doughnut." Rectified situation. http://bit.ly/1A86vq3
  12. Sufjan Stevens / Exploding Whale / 2015
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    Limited edition, tour-only 7" I sold out of every night. Started popping up on eBay for way too much. Delicious colored vinyl in two varieties: red, clear, and blue (for the b-side, a remix of "Fourth of July") or grey and red (which looks like an exploding whale). Not selling this on eBay. http://bit.ly/1dbi2uh
  13. Swamp Dogg / Ratt On! / 1971
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    Canadian pressing. Still one of the greatest cover images of all time. Also: totally rips. http://bit.ly/1A88jiH
  14. Time Zone featuring John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa / World Destruction / 1984
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    The human race / is becoming a disgrace. http://bit.ly/1Jqj5CW