It went really well! But man, playing music for 5 hours at a wedding is so stressful.
  1. REQUEST: "SpottieOttieDopaliscuous"
    Best Man, from Atlanta, wanted me to play this as his entrance music before he gave a toast. It didn't really have the attention-grabbing effect he wanted, but it's still a great song.
  2. REQUEST: "Love Shack"
    All the boomers from Atlanta needed this one. I played it early on.
  3. COMPLAINT: "Where's the ratchet shit?"
    The bride, shaking her head at me, during "Twist and Shout." This was early and I wanted to appease the older folks in the crowd with some mass appeal oldies, then work up to the more potentially alienating stuff. I had a plan. But the bride gets what the bride wants, so I played "Trap Queen" two songs later.
  4. REQUEST: "Will you play Hoppy?"
    Older Filipino woman. Asked her to repeat herself. Realized she was asking for "Happy" by Pharell. I didn't end up playing it.
  5. COMPLAINT: 10 seconds into "Electric Feel."
    The guy who officiated, a friend of the couple, comes up "We're not feeling this. Seque into something else." Told him I would only do so at the end of the song. It's a fucking Wesleyan guy's wedding! You don't turn off "Electric Feel."
  6. REPEAT: "Lean On"
    Played twice.
  7. COMPLAINT: "Is that as loud as it gets?"
    I kept overpowering the venue's subs and they'd cut out for a good 30 seconds before turning back on. Unfortunate, but beyond my control.
  8. REPEAT: "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"
    Played twice.
  9. REQUEST: "Sippin' on Some Sizzurp"
    This went over well. Late in the night.
  10. REQUEST: "Play something 80s!"
    This was right at midnight when I had to kill the music. I put on "Age of Consent" and played it low, but this was not what the guy had in mind. As I was leaving he sang "Come On Eileen" at me. That was apparently what he meant by "Something 80s."
  11. REGRET: Not playing "I Can't Feel My Face"
    Ran out of time.
  12. REGRET: "Not playing "Oops (Oh My)."
    Forgot I really wanted to play it.
  13. REGRET: 2:30 AM veggie burrito at Tacos Mexico next to the Ace Hotel.
    Only regretted it this morning. You feel me?