I had a short n' sweet alternate reality as a precocious imp. Here are the ones that got away. Those which I can remember...
  1. Max Fischer in Rushmore
    This was the big one, back when Harvey Keitel was supposed to play the Bill Murray role. I got a callback, and read for Wes Anderson. He wasn't particularly enthused by me. I was stoked for my schoolmate Jason when he got the part, but was also insanely jealous. Went with a big group to cheer him on when it opened.
  2. Neal on Freaks and Geeks
    Loved the script for the pilot. Had worked with Feig and Apatow. Thought I was a shoe in. Did not get a callback. To this day I don't love the show as much as it seems the rest of the world does. Because I wasn't in it.
  3. Pacey on Dawson's Creek
    I know. I know. My only explanation is I guess they were looking at a broad range of kids for those roles, before narrowing in on a slightly older, and significantly hotter gang. I know. Watched that trash religiously for a season or so. I would've classed up the material, I just know it.
  4. Young Jason Patric in Sleepers
    I read the novel to prepare. Unfortunately, I have never looked Italian or Jason Patric-esque. Was ok not getting this, as I did not want to be diddled by Kevin Bacon.
  5. The part Jay Baruchel played in Almost Famous
    I bet @miggles36 and I would've met years sooner. But I fucked that one up. No callback.
  6. One of the kids ogling Cindy Crawford in that classic Pepsi commercial from 1992.
    Was genuinely convinced I'd book it, and she would become my girlfriend. I was nine years old.
  7. The goddamn Free Willy kid
    Think about how different my life would be now if I had been the goddamn Free Willy kid.