Some keyed-up tunes I like, from a totally arbitrary period of a few years. I made this into a Spotify playlist, which is not for the faint of heart. It starts off rather fast, gradually slowing down until a comedown of sorts at the end. Thanks to @DanB for a few excellent suggestions. HERE:
  1. Prince "Sister"
    So, so, so fast. Sadly not on Spotify. Everything below this, however, is.
  2. The dB's "Black And White"
  3. Iggy Pop "Five Foot One"
  4. Pylon "Feast On My Heart"
  5. Family Fodder "Debbie Harry"
  6. Joe Jackson "Steppin' Out"
  7. The Psychedelic Furs "Pulse"
  8. Devo "Gates of Steel"
  9. Lene Lovich "Lucky Number"
  10. Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf"
  11. The Soft Boys "Underwater Moonlight"
  12. Fire Engines "Meat Whiplash"
  13. Nina Hagen "Born In Xixax"
  14. The Feelies "Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey)"
  15. Yoko Ono "Kiss Kiss Kiss"
  16. Talking Heads "Crosseyed And Painless"
  17. Paul McCartney "Temporary Secretary"
  18. Rick James "Below The Funk (Pass The J)"
    I find it hilarious that the chorus is James demanding that someone pass him a joint, when it's so clear that this is a coke song.
  19. New Order "Temptation (7" Version)"
  20. Squeeze "Farfisa Beat"
  21. Buzzcocks "Everybody's Happy Nowadays"
  22. The Slits "Shoplifting"
  23. The Rolling Stones "Dance (pt 1)"
  24. Fleetwood Mac "The Ledge"
  25. The B52's "52 Girls"
  26. Oingo Boingo "Grey Matter"
  27. Nick Lowe "Big Kick, Plain Scrap"
  28. Beograd "Opasne Igre"
  29. The English Beat "Mirror In The Bathroom"
  30. Journey "Don't Stop Believin'"
  31. The Alan Parsons Project "Eye In The Sky"