1. Eat at your favorite restaurant immediately.
    You had a feeling this would happen again. Because it has happened before.
  2. Buy something nice with your extra per diem.
    Every time you meet someone cool, you have to leave town just as things start to get interesting.
  3. Make plans to see your friends.
    You stay in contact while you're traveling. She gives you recommendations for your day off in her old town.
  4. Create a schedule for yourself.
    You'll see her in a week. You'll see her in one little week.
  5. Exercise.
    Of course she's excited to see you too.
  6. Finally catch the movies you've been too busy to see.
    "Dinner tomorrow night? And A's birthday thing?"
  7. Unpack every last thing.
    "Aw man I'm not free tomorrow eve. Welcome back by the way!"
  8. Go through the mail. Pay all your bills.
    "I thank thee. Lemme know what the rest of your week looks like."
  9. Try not to be alone too much.
    60 hours of radio silence means it's over. Right?
  10. Don't despair if this lasts a while.
    You had a feeling this could happen again. Because it has happened before.