Go threadbare or go home.
  1. Built by Wendy 'Slapshot'
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    The Hanson Brothers! Purchased in 2008 or thereabouts, from the old Built By Wendy store on 3rd street. I also have her 'Dudes Gone Wild' tee, featuring caricatures of Warren Oates, Stacy Keach, Harry Dean Stanton, and Kris Kristofferson. American Apparel tri-blend are so comfy and soft, but they will fall apart over the years. Especially if you wear a belt. You can see the 'run' in this shirt down below the graphic. I have a handful of blank grey tri-blends in the same condition.
  2. U.S. Maple
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    Purchased on 7/8/1999, the second of two nights I went to see Pavement play the El Rey on the Terror Twilight tour. U.S. Maple was opening. First night I thought they were a joke, assumed they were just making noise willy-nilly, fucking with the audience. The next night they played the same set, note for note. Immediately bought this shirt and their record, and they became a fave. Wore this to see Speedy Ortiz open for Stephen Malkmus at the El Rey last year and felt very cool about myself.
  3. Crumb
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    I'm currently wearing this! Fantastic promotional shirt from the great Terry Zwigoff documentary on the cartoonist R. Crumb. Must have been made around 1994. Think I bought it at a Hollywood Collectors Show. Riddled with holes along the neck, armpits, front of shirt. Super soft and getting threadbare from so many washings. Always elicits comments from the right kind of people.
  4. Tannis Root test-print
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    One-of-a-kind, prized pozesh from 2010. The wonderful merchandise company for most of the acts with whom I've toured, used these to test out their screen-prints. I opened up a box of vinyl on the first day of an MGMT tour to find a few of these amazing things being used as padding for the records. So this is a crooked combo Yaysayer/Health shirt on the front...
  5. And on the back:
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    Band of Horses, Galaxie 500, Fuck Buttons, Broken Bells. I have another one of these that is a lethal mash-up Beach House, MGMT, LCD Soundsystem, Sharon Jones, and Avett Brothers shirt.
  6. The Fabulous Farhquar
    No picture. This shirt is in a box in my parents' garage, along with many other shirts (current living situation is temporary). Shirt was given to me off the back of a counselor at Camp Dudley for boys, Westport NY, summer of 1996. Told him I liked it, and the hippy gave it to me. Farquahr was a New England folk band that started in the 60s. I believe the shirt is from the 80s. It has caricatures of the four band members heads, one of which has a buzzard emerging out of it. So soft.