Or: Why I haven't seen a frame of Wet Hot American Summer yet.
  1. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
    Amazing that we finally have an American coming of age film with this, for lack of a better word, European an approach to female sexuality. Reminded me of Turn Me On Dammit!, Show Me Love (Fucking Amal), Wetlands, and aspects of Nymphomanic Vol. 1. I hope that Bel Powley has a very long career -- she's wonderful. Great music too! See this!
  2. Listen to Me Marlon
    Much like The Diary of a Teenage Girl, this film centers around cassette-tape recordings as personal diary. Listen To Me Marlon feels like a guided meditation by Brando himself, a hypnotic trip through his life and mind. Totally unique experience. Couldn't help but draw parallels to AMY, in terms of thematics, and the materials that construct the films. But this one is less straightforward, less sensationalist; much more spiritual, and contemplative. Tons of Max Richter music too. See this!
  3. The Look of Silence
    Joshua Oppenheimer's follow up to The Act of Killing focuses on a family who lost their son to the 1965 killings in Indonesia. This is a more intimate and poetic film than the first. And equally gut-wrenching. After each film, I've been fortunate to see the director speak and take questions. I usually hate Q&As, but Oppenheimer's are amazing. He is so thoughtful and eloquent. The context he provides always elevates my already high opinion of the film. See this (and prepare be devastated)!