Trigger warning: We're going to talk about Woody Allen now. But first:
  1. Parker Posey!
    I had a picture of Parker Posey in my locker in Jr. High. Party Girl and Waiting For Guffman and Dazed... she ruled my world. It's great to see her still fucking owning it, in a quality role, all these years later. And she's going to be in the next Woody movie too.
  2. The real premise
    I can appreciate withholding what ACTUALLY happens in this movie from the advertising... but this one has such a great (and dark) central conceit, that it boggles my mind that the trailer sells us some neutered collegiate love affair romp. I guess advertising isn't so essential for these movies. He makes one film per year, on the cheap, and there's a built-in audience. What it's about doesn't matter. You either "see the new Woody" or you don't. Which leads me to...
  3. On loving a Woody movie despite The Woody Problem:
    I've always been able to separate the art from the artist. I also try to see everything I can. These days, when a Woody movie is a mess (ex. I didn't dig To Rome With Love or Magic In The Moonlight) I'm relieved that I won't have to talk about Woody. But when I like one (or in this case REALLY like it) I get nervous. Because we have to talk about Woody. And that's never easy. And I end up feeling like I'm defending Woody the person, when I'm really just defending the film itself.
  4. The Woody Problem (CONTINUED)
    Am I allowed to say "other people's personal lives are none of my business?" or does that make me part of the problem? Am I a bad feminist for seeing and enjoying this film? What if I laughed more during Irrational Man than Trainwreck? What if, on their own terms as art, and divorced from the personalities behind them, I think that Irrational Man is a better film than Trainwreck? Is comparing two very different movies utterly pointless? Why should anybody care about my opinion anyway?