1. The female lead, a musician who recently moved to Los Angeles from Portland, is so nice and cool and pretty, you wonder what she could possibly see in the schlubby man-child playing opposite her (of course, he also wrote/directed). But their chemistry is actually quite palpable, and the laughs don't feel forced.
  2. The third act really came out of nowhere. Like I totally thought the movie was over. But Cheetah's IS just down the street from the wine bar where the bulk of the action takes place. And she tells him that in Portland, strip clubs are a totally normal place to bring a date, so they agree it could be a fun move. This is where things get a lil racy.
  3. The film more than earns its PG-13 rating. No nudity, which showed great restraint by the filmmaker. Definitely maturing as a storyteller. I'm excited for the sequel, which was greenlit before the first weekend's box office numbers even came out.