Two a day, all with my best friend Dan.
  1. Listen To Me Marlon
    10:30am Saturday, Laemmle Royal. I implore everyone to see this film, which overflows with wisdom and humanity. It feels like some wild miracle that we even have this document -- something resembling a posthumous Brando autobiography -- at all. I don't think a non-fiction film has ever placed me inside the mind of its protagonist quite as well as this one. That is why I've seen it twice now, and why I imagine I will want to see it again and again.
  2. The Mend
    1:50pm, Saturday, Sundance Sunset Cinemas. I hadn't seen the trailer. Nor the poster. I knew nothing about this film going in, other than what Dan told me: it stars Josh Lucas and it's supposed to be really dark. Ok, I'm in. From the moment it started, I was engaged. The Mend is a film that has it's own set of rules, a very specific point of view, and defies all expectations. I never knew where it was going. Which is a rare thing. Singular, bonkers experience; pure cinema. A real treat.
  3. Meru
    10:30am, Sunday, Laemmle NoHo 7. I had enjoyed the trailer for this mountain climbing documentary, which looked very entertaining. The movie is as well. Jon Krakauer kinda steals the film whenever he's onscreen, elucidating the myriad ways in which the trio of climbers in the film are completely insane, and why what they accomplished is so impressive. Unbelievable story.
  4. We Are Your Friends
    9:40pm, Sunday, the Vista. I convinced @miggles36 to join us for the final film of the weekend. We thought we had the theater to ourselves, until two solo dudes rolled in during the trailers. Let me be the first to tell you that We Are Your Friends does, in fact, feature a Bill Callahan song very low in the mix, during a scene in which Zac Efron cries. Did not see that one coming.