A well-earned day off from work + a grip of movies I wanted to see = solo film fest (tbh, my old friend Jessie did join me for the last one. My life isn't THAT solitary). What a productive day!
  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment
    9:25 AM. ArcLight Hollywood. Cinema 4. Seat K21. Genuinely immersive depiction of troubling as fuck situation. Quite an ensemble. And crazily, five of these dudes have been in things I've edited. Issues: some distracting wigs. I am now afraid of my buddies @miggles36 and Nick Braun. Favorite trailer: The Diary of a Teenage Girl.
  2. Tangerine
    1:00 PM. ArcLight Hollywood. Cinema 1. Seat K21. There were six people in the theater. Two walked out 20 minutes in. For me, it's an instant classic of the "L.A. film" genre. Such a fantastic sense of geography (Thom Anderson would be all over this). Incredible energy. I'll never look at Donut Time the same again. Issues: I wish Ziggy Sobotka hadn't played Chester. It's jarring when a fresh cast of complete unknowns is disrupted by someone you know well. Favorite trailer: The End of the Tour.
  3. Trainwreck
    3:15 PM. ArcLight Hollywood. Cinema 13. Seat K21. Schumer is great. A lot of heart here, and some very funny people being very funny. Loved the We Need To Talk About Kevin reunion for Ezra Miller & Tilda. LeBron maybe steals the movie? Issues: WHY DOES THIS MOVIE HAVE TO BE THIS LONG? Would've enjoyed it so much more w 20-30 mins less. Substantial amount of homophobic jokes too... Favorite trailer: three-way tie of disinterest between American Ultra, Sisters, and Daddy's Home.
  4. The End Of The Tour
    7:30 PM. WGA Theater. Unassigned seats. Would have been something like K21 if they had numbers. For my money, this is Ponsoldt's best. Jason Segal's performance is wonderful and surprising. Always a treat to see Joan Cusack. And TWO ladies from Frances Ha. And there's some Pavement in it and some Tindersticks in it. And -- the kicker -- Tindersticks covering Pavement. Issues: There was a Q&A after this screening, and some of the questions were truly awful. Favorite trailer: no trailers.