Just finished reading the book. Highly recommended. Now, a grip of choice Pynchonian word droppings, in more or less the order they landed on me.
  1. Gordita Beach
    Where we lay our scene
  2. The Screaming Ultraviolet Brain
    Gordita Beach head shop
  3. Ensenada Slim
    Owner and operator of said head shop
  4. Denis
    Doc's neighbor buddy, 'whose name everybody pronounced to rhyme with 'penis.'"
  5. Dr. Buddy Tubeside
    Doc's office-mate, a Dr. Feelgood of sorts, who injects his patients with a mix of amphetamines he calls 'Vitamin B12'
  6. Petunia Leeway
    Nurse at Dr. Tubeside's practice
  7. Fatso Judson
    An acquaintance of Bigfoot's
  8. Sauncho Smilax
    Doc's lawyer buddy
  9. Detective Lieutenant Christian F. "Bigfoot" Bjornsen
    "LAPD's own Charlie Manson"
  10. Beer
    A local surf band
  11. Michoacán Icepack
    A strain of "righteous weed"
  12. Scott Oof, Elfmont, Lefty, and Huey
    The members of Beer
  13. Surfadelic Freak-In
    A free concert that Beer play, at Will Rogers Park
  14. Gotcha! Searches and Settlements
    Collection agency
  15. Fritz Drybeam
    An older skip-tracer who worked for Gotcha! with Doc
  16. MICRO
    Modern Institute for Cognitive Repatterning and Overhaul -- Reconfiguring Southland Brains Since 1966
  17. Special Agent Hugo Borderline & Special Agent Flatweed
    FBI agents
  18. Lourdes and Motella
    "Notorious stewardii"
  19. Riggs Warbling
    Sloane Wolfmann's spiritual coach
  20. Elimina Breeze
    Doc Sportello's mother
  21. Zucky's Delicatessen
    A real life long-closed deli in Santa Monica. My grandparents used to take me there when I was little and they were visiting town. They had Chicklets by the cash register.
  22. Burke Stodger
    Blacklisted movie star of the WWII era
  23. Squeal, Pinko, Squeal!
    A modestly budgeted FBI drama starring Burke Stodger
  24. Wavos
    Gordita Beach restaurant where surfers presumably eat breakfast [Best egg pun ever or best egg pun ever?]
  25. GNASH
    The Global Network of Anecdotal Surfer Horseshit
  26. Zigzag Twon
    A shortboard surfer
  27. Spotted Dick
    A British rock band
  28. Deadpan To Demonic -- Subtextual Uses of Eyeliner in the Cinema
    Scott Oof's doctoral dissertation
  29. Smedley, Trevor "Shiney Mac" McNutley, Asymmetric Bob
    Members of Spotted Dick
  30. Tex Wiener École de Pilotage
    A driving school
  31. Jason Velveeta
    an ineffectual Hollywood pimp
  32. Puck Beaverton
    Mickey Wolffman's former bodyguard, has a swastika tattoo on his head
  33. Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd, D.D.S.
    Perverted, drug-addled dentist
  34. Meatball Flag
    Band who performs "Soul Gidget," one of the few known attempts at black surf music
  35. Japonica Fenway
    "Former runaway-daughter," daughter of the wealthy Crocker Fenway, "The Prince of Palos Verde"
  36. Dr. Threeply
    associate director of the Chryskylodon Institue
  37. Resurrection of the Body
    An auto-repair shop
  38. Li'l T-Rex, Salvatore 'Paper Cut' Gazzoni, Adrian Prussia
  39. The Ostracizer
    A make of blender
  40. POFO-CAC
    Potential Focus of Cult Activity
  41. D'Jack Frost
    The Manson family's favorite surplus store in Santa Monica
  42. Hairy Rope Home Security of Tarzana
    Bullshit company name that Doc uses as a cover
  43. Trillium Fortnight
    A disheveled girl in a tiny skirt, who teaches music theory at UCLA, and moonlights as a woodwind specialist in early music ensemble gigs
  44. Delwyn Quight
    Vegas-based antiques seller, "a byword of fraudulent Earpiana" who sells Doc an old coffee cup purported to be Wyatt Earp's personal mustache cup.
  45. Toobfreex
    Television addicts
  46. Carmine & the Cal-zones
    Lounge band playing at a way off-strip Vegas joint called the Nine of Diamonds (named for the fifth card in Wild Bill Hickok's last poker hand). They play a semi-boss's nova song entitled "Just The Lasagna."
  47. Man of La Muncha
    Another of Doc's Gordita Beach haunts
  48. Shoot The Pier
    Speciality of the house at Wavos -- "avocados, sprouts, jalapeños, pickled artichoke hearts,Monterey jack cheese, and Green Goddess dressing on a sourdough load that had first been sliced lengthwise, spread with garlic butter, and toasted."
  49. HULK
    Heroin Users Liberation Kollective, lobbying for junkies in the state capital of Sacramento
  50. Waste-a-Perp Target Range
    Bigfoot shoots here, in the UGH section (Urban, Gang-related and Hippie).
  51. Rhus Frothingam
    Deputy District Attorney
  52. The Price of Wisdom
    A gourmet health food joint off Melrose
  53. WAMBAM
    Warriors Against The Man Black Armed Militia
  54. Detective Vincent Indelicato
    Slain L.A.P.D. officer, found dead in his apartment on:
  55. Gummo Marx Way
    "The hard-luck boulevard everybody living along Doc's piece of shoreline sooner or later ended up on, though nobody Doc knew had ever lived there, or knew anybody else who did. Yet somehow there it always lay, between the populations of the South Bay beach towns and other places they thought at some point in their lives they needed to be. The home of a girlfriend whose psychopathic parents wanted her back before curfew." [continued below]
  56. Gummo Marx Way continued
    "A dealer shifty as a rat up a palm tree, whose less-wary clients found themselves putting oregano and Bisquick to uses they were never meant for. A pay phone in a bar that a friend of a friend, in peril and without resources, had called you from, the hope in his voice already fading, too late at night."
  57. THANKUMAM: The ladies auxiliary of WAMBAM.
    Suggested by my dad
    Suggested by @videodrew