Here are some of the many requests that occurred during a 30 minute window at this wedding I DJ'ed last night. Amazingly, I didn't kill myself.
  1. "More people would dance if you play some soul music."
    I had been playing soul for a half hour. Played "Heart of Glass," which compelled her to come make her request.
  2. "You should play more funk."
    Same woman, after I honored her request and played soul.
  3. "Can you play some hip-hop?"
    A few times, by multiple people. I think people think I'm lying to them when I say that I'll get to it. In this case I was saving it for later in the night, due to "very religious in-laws."
  4. "Do you have any techno?"
    No idea what he meant. Asked him to give me a specific artist. He was unable to do so.
  5. Many requests for specific songs I don't have on my computer.
    Your favorite may not be my favorite, or something of which I'm even aware.
  6. "I've been talking up your dancing to all my friends and family. Why don't you choose the song you most want to dance to, go out there on the dancefloor, and get weird." -- The Groom
    I played "Pon De Floor" by Major Lazer, and became a pied piper of physical freakiness. Somebody called the Center for Disease Control, it was that infectious.
  7. Also worth noting that I played three Prince songs in a row, which went quite well.
    Kiss -> 1999 -> I Would Die 4 U