In other news, I've gained a little weight.
  1. Baked Ziti
    The perfect iteration of a dish I'd only previously eaten at Sbarro or via a microwave. Cooked to within an inch of its life. Crispy, gooey, melty. Come ON!
  2. Breakfast Burrito -- field roast chorizo sausage, tofu scramble, bell peppers, vegan cheese, home fries and chipotle mayo in a whole wheat tortilla
    One of the most flavorful BB's I've ever stuffed in my mouth hole. And vegan to boot! And this tiny lil counter in Greenpoint is downright CHARMING!
  3. Cacio e Pepe
    The standard by which all others must be judged.
  4. Cauliflower Steak & Siamese Green Curry w/ szechuan peppercorn tempura, kabocha squash & turnips
    Didn't love everything I ate here and found the place somewhat overpriced, but this shit made my eyes roll back in their sockets.
  5. Chickpea Soup -- cumin yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, chives
    With a glass of amaro. And the kitchen is open until midnight. And it's mere blocks away.
  6. Khao Soi -- northern style golden curry with homemade egg noodles, shiitake mushroom, Swiss chard, pickled mustard greens and coconut milk
    This was so potent, it rendered the Khao Soi at Night + Market Song as water in my mind's eye.
  7. Love Fades Away; The Perfect Egg Sandwich Is Forever -- soft boiled egg, pickled radish, tender herbs, aioli, toasted sesame oil, baguette
    Breakfast banh mi at an ice cream counter? Game officially changed.
  8. Pizza Pie
    Perfection, simplicity, disappears instantly.
  9. Rice Crepe -- taro, mushroom, pickled carrots, toasted shallots
    Shoutout to @zoe for recommending this below-the-radar vegetarian Vietnamese spot in the East Village.
  10. Sayonara Summer Tacos -- scrambled eggs, spicy mango salsa, tomatillo, avocado, cheddar, Dimes hot sauce
    On Division Street. Not in the Netherlands like it says below.
  11. Spicy Mung Bean Jello Salad and Spicy Cold Sesame Noodles
    I needs my mouth all vibrating and numb from Szechuan peppercorn a few times a month.
  12. Upside Down Slice
    The pizza place around he corner from my editing room just happens to be way, way, way above average. I like this one, which comfortably rests somewhere between Sicilian and Chicago deep dish in vibe.
  13. Vegan Chicharrónes Locos -- hot sauce, cashew crema, chamoy sauce
    Sit at a stool in back, facing the micro-kitchen. Chef Gerardo Gonzales is a maniac of the highest order. LA people: he's doing a pop-up at SQIRL in May. Don't sleep on this.
  14. Vegetarian Shoyu Ramen -- soy sauce + vegetable broth, enoki mushroom, roast tomato, rye noodles
    Rye noodles! Rye! Noodles! Rye noodles!