I love my old ambrotype photo, and the accompanying list of its "story." If you look at that list now it will be confusing because the new profile picture will be on top of it, but who cares.
  1. Last fall I was working on the road with the band Spoon.
  2. I've worked with a good grip of artists, but over the years these gents have come feel like family.
  3. If you'd told college-me that I'd be friends with Spoon, college-me'd be all like "Get out of here! Are you from the future? I must destroy you."
  4. One of my favorite tour stops is Lawrence, KS; one of the all-time great college towns.
  5. Spoon's bass player Rob Pope grew up near Lawrence. Got married there. His brother lives there. They co-own a coffee shop/bar there called the Bourgeois Pig.
  6. Spoon shows in Lawrence have a real "homecoming vibe." Lotsa friends in town.
  7. One such friend is Kansas City based photographer Forester Michael.
  8. Spoon played Liberty Hall in Lawrence on September 21, 2014.
  9. Forester was there at soundcheck, during the show, and at our after-hang at The Bourgeois Pig.
  10. It was a late bus call that night, so we drank many dranks.
  11. Forester took many pictures. At one point he started taking snaps of me and I started going on and on about needing better looking pictures for online dating. I was drunk. But it was true.
  12. At the end of the night he said he'd find me on Facebook and get me some pictures.
  13. Back on the bus I forced people to do a shot triumvirate of Singani, apple cider vinegar, and honey.
  14. Forester found me on Facebook the next day.
  15. A week later I pestered him for the photos. He said he'd get to em. Had a few older cards he needed to edit first.
  16. Pestered him when I was lonely in Berlin in November, thinking his photos were all I needed to get the German women on OkCupid to fall in love with me.
  17. At the end of that trip I got my ambrotype portrait, and forgot about Forester Michael.
  18. Until yesterday, when he uploaded all of his shots from that night onto Facebook.
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  19. Memories came flooding back.
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  20. This was one very delightful night on a rather difficult tour. The monitor guy at right would get a tattoo of our tour manager's face on his arm a few nights later.
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  21. I demanded to be carried back to the bus! I had forgotten about that until now.
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  22. Anyways, here's the un-cropped version of my new profile picture. Don't remember what was happening, but guitar tech Scott seems to be enjoying trying to pick me up.
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  23. And cropped out because nobody wants to see Scott's smooshed mug in MY new profile picture on OkCupid. I mean Tinder. I mean The List App.
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