I like these, so here's mine.
  1. I'm highly self-critical. Particularly when it comes to pictures of me.
  2. My mother is always trying to print pictures of me that she likes from Instagram. They never turn out right.
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    She's got this one framed on her desk, but the color is way off.
  3. Last fall I spent five weeks in Berlin, taking a break, doing some writing, generally soaking up vibes. It was a very important trip for me.
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  4. As it was winding its way down, I stumbled across a holiday pop-up called Tintype Berlin, run by a Polish photographer named Marcin.
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  5. Marcin had built his own Victorian style camera and portable darkroom, for making tintypes and ambrotype prints on glass.
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  6. The last time I had a real portrait of myself taken was a headshot from my adolescence, when a cute child-actor entered his awkward phase. I knew I had to book a session with Marcin and give the portrait to my Mom for Hanukkah.
    Wish this picture were on my phone and not just in my Mom'a filing cabinet.
  7. When I came back a few days later, Marcin asked me what I was going for, what I wanted the photo to portray. I said "I want anybody looking at the picture to say 'That's a wild man.'" He got it.
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    Marcin prepares the glass plate.
  8. The exposure would be ten seconds. I would have to stay perfectly still or else I'd be out of focus. There was a brace to hold my head in place.
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  9. We shot three plates. I'd be buying one. We did two with glasses (my life default) and one without.
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  10. Wildness is all in the eyes. Shadows from the glasses obscured my peepers a bit too much.
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  11. The finished product, transported back to Los Angeles and presented some weeks later. My Mom got a portrait of her boy grown into a wild man (possibly a criminal). I got a hi-res scan.
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