I don't believe that @miggles36 is trying to make me get all sappy, or compliment the shit out of him. But here we go; time for both. This list is subtitled ARGUMENTS FOR MOVING TO NEW YORK
  1. My time with Angarano
    Whether bouncing off the walls of the editing room, or bounding down the streets of New York, my partnership with the SUPREMELY TALENTED @miggles36 has been the focal point of these last two months. Some real "us against the world" shit. Such an exciting collaboration, never felt like work in the slightest. And possibly more exciting than the movie (and trust me, I'm over the moon about this movie) is that I have a great new friend who lives in L.A (most of the time)!
  2. All things Kazan
    Got in some major quality time with @zoe during the week or so that we were ROOMMATES!?! We don't get too much face time, living on opposite coasts. So this was some special shit; a lifelong friendship further deepening. And it's been great to hang with @maya, who recommended me to Angarano in the first place (and is in his film, and brought homemade cookies to the editing room). Cosmic shit. We've all come a long way since carpooling to elementary school together.
  3. My Friend Rachel
    @yrfriendrachel I know we've discussed the "lists about listers" phenomenon via drunken text, so I'll stop after I sap out for a second, and then I'll talk about pizza I promise. Rachel is one of the all time wonderful human beings, and I'm so glad we got to hang and eat delicious things and dance into the night as frequently as we did over these couple of months. Jam (also: I heard about a danceparty tonight, if you're game).
  4. Italian food
    Don't get me wrong... there's delicious Italian food in L.A., but it'll never hold a candle to this stuff: Rucola, Bar Pitti, D.O.C., Lucali, Brucie, Roman's, Lupa, Parm, NY Pizza Suprema... my gut salutes you.
  5. Non-Italian food
    So many tasty tastes. El Rey, Mission Chinese Food, Uncle Boon's, Somtum Der, X'ian Famous Foods, Dimes, Chavela's, Ivan Ramen, Cafe Mogador, Champ's, Barney Greengrass, Morgenstern's.
  6. Reading on the train
    I think this is one big reason that New York is a more literary city: dedicated reading time. I knocked out Inherent Vice so much more quickly commuting here than I could have during my L.A. dedicated reading time (in bed at the end of the day, drops book on face after two paragraphs, goes to sleep).
  7. Cold weather
    It was awful and it went on forever, but it was kind of delightful too, right? Born and raised Angeleno here, so I'm def feeling it as a novelty. I'm sure that would wear thin after a few successive winters.
  8. Sharing in the cozy domesticity of my friends
    Many more dinner parties here. Many more couples living together (makes $ense). I was at dinner at a friend's place a few weeks ago, listening politely as three different marriage proposition stories were told back to back. I've never felt more single in my life. But that's neither here nor there; the company and food were wonderful. Cold weather, shoes off, home cookin', wine drinkin', pleasant kinda vibes. I'd marry that.
  9. Running into people I know
    It happens in Los Angeles too, but these are mostly people I went to college with and never get to see, so...
  10. Proximity to The Knick.
    I loved the show before meeting Michael, so it's been a treat to be working here while they shoot Season 2. A veritable parade of cast and crew have come through to watch cuts, and give notes on our film. I've crashed some of their cast hangouts -- a wild bunch, if you couldn't already guess (looking at you @evehewson). And I've been privy to some minor spoilers and major debauchery. Added bonus: drinking Singani with Soderbergh, listening to him tell us how much he likes our movie. WHAT.
  11. Schvitzing
    My favorite place in New York is the Russian and Turkish Bath in the East Village. Only made it there once this trip. Gonna hit it once more this weekend. I highly recommend getting a Platza treatment from Viktor. He'll knock you around. No schvitz in Los Angeles comes close. To the best of my knowledge.
  12. Having an office
    What a luxury.
  13. Crazy people everywhere
    What a hoot. Except when they yell at you, leave the stench of their own excrement in your zone, or masturbate in close proximity to you.
  14. My pod
    Stockholm Syndrome