Jeremy Saulnier's latest is an incredibly well-made, truly terrifying film. Highly recommended, but definitely NOT for the squeamish. Another genre film instant-classic from the company that brought us Under The Skin, Ex Machina, and The Witch; the mighty A24.
  1. Plausible scenario = even more unsettling film
    There's no suspension of disbelief, no logic that you need to toss out the window, no supernatural stuff, no deus ex machina. This could happen. A punk band could end up in a venue run by white supremacists. And shit could hit the fan. And things could play out as unfortunately as they do here.
  2. Masterclass in ratcheting up tension
    Subjectivity! The sound in this film is 💯. It traps us, the audience, in the green room with the protagonists. What's on the other side of the door? We can't see it, but we can hear and feel it: muffled hardcore music, the growling of attack dogs, mayhem. Editing and camera play an important role in this respect as well — what we are and are not shown makes us even more anxious about what's to come. @vanessariegel gripped my hand SO hard while we watched, and THAT's effective filmmaking.
  3. Patrick Stewart
    Always a pleasure to see this genius playing a role other than mutant or space captain. In this film he operates at his most low-key, bringing humanity to a truly evil character; his Darcy is methodical, pragmatic, never over the top... never a stock bad guy. We can sorta sympathize: even though he is a vile fucker, this is a fucked up situation for him too. And he's just trying to make it end. One of the best performances of his career.