Sufjan's Sorrowful Rolling Revue hits the West coast starting mañana. Taking a train down to San Diego this afternoon. I decided to pack extra light for this one. ALSO: say hi if you're coming to a show!
  1. Latest issue of Bon Appetit
    Realized I'd already read it.
  2. External hard drive
    I could tinker with the thing I'm cutting, but for me the road is not conducive to focused creative work. And that thing is heavy.
  3. A second pair of shoes
    Blundstones 4 eva.
  4. A book
    I always bring a book or two, and end up reading less than a chapter. Some people can read on tour. I can not. I also have a few people's screenplays waiting on the iPad.
  5. Soap/shampoo/conditioner
    For a long tour, I'll bring my preferred products. For this one, I'll stock up on hotel mini jammers.
  6. Big expensive headphones
    iPhone buds will do just fine
  7. Swim trunks
    Brought em last time, didn't use em. I think I've become too germaphobic for hotel pools.
  8. Raincoat or umbrella
    Feeling lucky.
  9. A dressy coat
    I'm hitting a wedding immediately after this tour. The invitation describes a dress code of "we want you to feel like yourself all weekend." So fuck the formalwear. Bringing a tie though. Love ties.
  10. Beard trimmer
    Fuck it, it's summer.