I'm full.
  1. Poutine x 2
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    In the morning Patati Patata (pictured). Later in the day, La Banquise. Both with vegetarian mushroom gravy. Both delicious. The fries at Patati Patata were better. The gravy and curds from La Banquise were better.
  2. Bagel x 2
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    St. Viateur and Fairmount. Sesame seed. Fairmount had the flavor edge, despite Viateur's hotter, fresher vibes.
  3. Iced latte from Cafe Olympico
    It's a super-concentrated coffee slushee with milk, essentially. Downed that deliciousness far too quickly to snap a pic.
  4. Dumplings from Mai Xiang Yuan
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    Tomato and egg dumplings. And shredded cabbage and carrot salad with egg, glass noodles and wasabi. Simply the best. With Mr. Dan Boeckner, also the best.
  5. EDIT: moments after posting this I was handed a bag filled with St. Viateur bagels. They were a few hours old. I was instructed to try the Rosemary Sea Salt bagel. I did. I think it was my favorite of today's three bagels. Don't know what to think anymore.