One of the great small cities of America. I don't eat seafood, so my approach is a little leftfield. I'd also love recommendations!!!!
  1. Hang with my friend Mandy.
    We met the during my first visit to Portland. I was on tour with Pete Yorn, and she was pre-selling his forthcoming album at the show. We went back to her record store late night to drop off the cash box, put on a Numero Group compilation, and danced through the empty aisles. We went back to my hotel room and sat at my computer playing each other songs. She was obsessed with The Pretenders. I was sweet on her, but too nervous to make a move. She's now a real estate agent and platonic pal.
  2. Eat at Central Provisions
    No. 6 on Bon Appétit's "Best New Restaurants in America" list for 2014. Got my eyes on the parsnip ricotta ravioli and the smoked carrots w/ ras el hanout, chickpeas, and feta.
  3. Buy records at Moody Lords
    I love this place. A lot of good used Psych. And some vintage clothes.
  4. Ramen at Pai Men Miyake
    They do this brothless Tokyo Abura Ramen with egg yolk that you swirl around with garlic paste to create an otherworldly sauce situation. Also the Miyake Mule with Bulleht rye and yuzu sake is the jumpoff.
  5. Go see Furious 7
    After a few Miyake Mules...
    Suggested by @miggles36
  7. Becky's Diner
    Best diner in America in my totally biased opinion. The line moves fast and is totally worth it. Opens every day at 4am for the lobsterman. Get the Commercial Street and ask for your homefries "loaded." Also if they have blueberry muffins ask them to grill one and have it as an appetizer. I'm salivating as I write this.
    Suggested by @stamos