Jesus gets five stars for sure.
  1. Dashboard camera
    Front facing.
  2. L.A. X...Press
    October 15 issue, two copies.
  3. A sign that reads:
    "Free water and gum. Please grade me 5 stars. When drivers fall below a 4.7 score they lose their ability to drive and provide for their families. I greatly appreciate your business." Hanging from driver's headrest.
  4. Box of Kleenex
    In leather cover, attacked to back of passenger seat.
  5. RCA TV
    Above Kleenex
  6. Amoeba Music "Music We Like" magazine
  7. Seat covers
    Tasteful charcoal with red piping. On all seats.
  8. Aqua Kiss perfume by Victoria's Secret
  9. Unlabeled cologne
  10. Two small bottles of Kirkland water
  11. Dum dum lollipops
  12. Jolly Rancher Crunch and Chews
  13. Gum
    Juicy Fruit, Big Red, Winterfresh
  14. Strawberry air freshener spray
  15. Coffee candies
  16. 4 varieties of phone chargers
  17. Small trash can
  18. Posi morning vibes from Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive" blasting out the radio.
  19. Jesus
  20. Me
  21. Epilogue: my receipt reads "You rode with Jesus."
    Yes I did.