I'm currently heading to Philly for the start of the tour. Yes I may be a film editor of some repute, but I'm also a part time road dawg / merchandise master. It's a fun life.
  1. What bunk will I get?
    Though I'd prefer a bottom bunk, it'll probably be a top bunk. I once fell out of a top bunk while asleep. Another story for another time.
  2. Will snoring be an issue on the bus?
  3. Will MY snoring be an issue on the bus?
  4. Did I forget to pack anything?
    It happens. Luckily it's not like I'm going to some remote locale. I know that I have my swim trunks, so that's good. Because hotels have pools. And sometimes they have saunas.
  5. Should I opt out of the scan and get the pat down?
    I always do the pat down, or as I call it "free massage." But the TSA agent who "male assist"-ed me when I flew home from New York this weekend was so overzealous that I'm rethinking my usual steez.
  6. Who will my tour friends be?
    My longtime pal Mike is the tour manager, but I don't know anybody else in the band or crew. Hopefully there are a handful who like to find great food, explore cities, and take in a movie or museum on days off. I've never understood the room service campout that some folks do.
  7. What am I going to eat on this tour?
    Visit some old favorites? Make some new discoveries? Plenty of crummy backstage sandwiches? All th'bove!!!
  8. Will anybody secretly (or blatantly) hate me?
    Some road dogs be salty.
  10. What's the correct way to pronounce Sufjan?
    And will he answer to "Soof?"
  11. Will I get tired of hearing the same music every night?
    Probably not. This album is tremendous.
  12. Will I meet some cool people out there?
  13. Should I pay for Tinder?
    Constantly moving around would make that gps feature come in handy. But at the same time, will paying $19.99 to line up dates a few days in advance would make me feel gross on general principle(s). Also: Tinder is ageist.
  14. Will I run into people I know at the shows?
    Always happens when you work with great bands.
  15. Will I run into you?
    If you're coming to a Sufjan show this spring, let me know! Would be great to meet some Listers out there on the road.