Apropos of nothing, the driver is farting.
  1. I feel like I look the same in all of my selfies?
  2. There's a ghetto part of L.A., but it's also beautiful. It's called the Arts District?
  3. Everything will be different once I've graduated college, because LA changes on a five year span?
  4. Did he say what part of K Town he lived in? Because K Town is like a third of LA.
  5. Would it be weird if I wore the same clothes that I wore last time?
  6. A onesie?
  7. Can you come to Florida with me one day?
  8. I mean, I finished Manhattan in four days?
  9. I hit SoHo. I hit Chelsea. I hit Grenich? Greenwich? Grenich? I dunno. Village. I hit the lower part. I hit Ground Zero.
  10. Wait. What?
  11. Woah, what?!
  12. Is U.S.C. hard to get into?
  13. Oh so it's top notch, but not like top top top top notch?
  14. Please come to U.S.C. [giggle]?
  15. Like how East Coast does he want to go?
  16. Like how "City?"
  17. How bout Northwestern?
  18. [Blows nose]
  19. I will always place U.S.C. over B.C. But that's because I'm a film student and I'm like really, really biased?
  20. Didn't they defer you?
  21. They're mean.