Touché, @annabelllllle. I've admitted plenty in these here virtual pages (for example: ENDEARING THINGS ABOUT ME THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW ) and I kept writing things here that I had already listed about. We don't want that. So I dug deep for some heretofore unlisted nuggets.
  1. When I was a toddler, my parents brought me with them to meet a visiting Tibetan monk who named me "Blessing Boy."
    I have always hoped to live up that name.
  2. When I was a five year old ham, I would tell strangers "You don't know me but I'm the next Robin Williams."
    Which would have a different connotation now 😕
  3. I was something of a completist with the Babysitter's Club series of books.
    Compelling storylines. Secrets about girls. A taste of life in Connecticut.
  4. I had major separation anxiety for way too long.
    Weirdo only child shit. Usually asked to be picked up from sleepovers before sleep time. Finally nipped it with sleepaway camp in upstate New York the summer after 7th grade, which was emotionally trying for weeks. Then when it was about to end, I didn't want to go home.
  5. The movies of my youth (laserdiscs and vhs tapes):
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Major League, Adventures In Babysitting, Brain Donors, Temple of Doom, Monty Python's Meaning of Life
  6. I've never broken a bone or had a cavity. But I have sprained both ankles on many occasions.
    The last few times were when I was both drunk and stoned, so I try to avoid that combination.
  7. I was student council president from 8th-11th grade. Towards the end of that I trained high school students in leadership skills. I was very well equipped to be student body president as a senior. But I lost to a more popular guy.
    Then I ran for senior class president and lost to someone who opted out of making a speech, not wanting to follow the cocky bombast of mine. I was devastated. I felt so undervalued. The faculty advisor to the student council had a special position created for me, as she knew that I was indespensible. So I was still on the student council, but I couldn't vote on anything.
  8. While I am a native Angeleno, I have never been to Mexico.
    Or anywhere in Latin America, for that matter. There was talk of a drive to Tijuana when I was in high school, but it never happened. I am invited to a 2016 wedding in Buenos Aires, though. So that's a start.
  9. I used to write songs. I formed two different bands to perform these songs, and each band played one show each. In college my band was called "The Kremlin," and we opened for MGMT (then The Management) at Eclectic. Post-college my band was called "The Combover" and we played at the since-closed Tangier in Los Feliz.
    Both bands played a handful of the same songs. Among them: "Too Tall" about a man in love with a giantess, and "Serenade Myself" obviously about unrequited love. The Kremlin had a song called "Seizure Salad," and The Combover covered Prince's "I Would Die 4 U."
  10. I'm amazed that I've never been hit by a car.
    As I am a mega-pedestrian. Actually the other night I almost ran right into traffic on Wilshire trying to get across the street in order to not be late to see a movie. My best friend Dan saved my life.
  11. I'm a real nosebleeder.
    Usually when the seasons change. I know I should get it cauterized, but I feel like it's something unique, that makes me ME. But I can't tell you how many times a make-out sesh has been interrupted due to too hard a facemash and the ensuing nose disaster.
  12. First thing I notice about a person: eye contact/handshake
    Are they engaged? Are they engaging? Are they engaging with me?
  13. Last thing I notice about a person: is she wearing a ring?
    Is she engaged?! Why would she be engaged to someone other than me?
  14. @miggles36 and I have known each other for under a year.
    Feels significantly longer.
  15. Never really "got" red wine until this year, at the ripe old age of 32.
    Avoided it due to a tannin allergy. I get the same strange jaw discomfort from hoppy beers. Now I know what to ask for. I had a nice Primitivism last night.
  16. I often consider abandoning my artistic pursuits and going back to school for something more stable.
    But that will never happen.
  17. I find tattoos very attractive on others, but will never get one.
    Not my scene. Can't imagine piercing anything either. But imagine if I had a pierced belly button. Maybe I should do it, just to be able to REALLY surprise people.
  18. The night I met @annabelllllle at The Box, I was hoping there would be some sort of audience participation and that I would be picked. As soon as the performances began, I was glad that this wouldn't be the case.
    And what's nice is that when you initially bond with someone over watching a scat show together, things can really only get better!