I get creative with edible items I find backstage. Tonight I devised an elegant speedball cocktail, the Black Italian.
  1. Start with coffee.
    This is a coffee snob tour, so we pick up beans at various stops on the road. Both Sufjan and our tour manager Mike travel with grinders, kettles, and pour-over brewers. The last few days we've been enjoying some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga, roasted by our buddy Ryan Pope of The Get Up Kids. If you don't have access to good beans or brewing gear, just fill up a cup from the urn in catering.
  2. Ice that shit.
    You're gonna want this coffee to get cold. As cold and black as the heart of the road dog; he who has no home in the straight world. That cold. Add more ice after that.
  3. Pour in some liberal glugs of Rammazzotti.
    Or any nice Amaro - I recommend Meletti, Cardamaro, or this excellent NY small batch stuff called St. Agrestis that I've been tripping out on. I used Rammazzotti tonight because that's what was backstage!
  4. Stir.
    This is the perfect drink to kick off the night before a day off -- or, as we like to call it, Roadie Friday. The Amaro is gonna ease the tension of your work week. The caffeine is gonna keep you going.
  5. Drink.
    I know it's not much of a recipe. You've gotta keep yourself entertained out here on the road. It is delicious though. And I'm on my second glass, here in the production office of the beautiful Chicago Theatre. Here's to roadie Friday. Salut!