I've been put up in a "pod hotel" for my last week in New York. It's... cozy.
  1. When you walk into the pod, your only options are to get into bed, or stand in the shower.
  2. Hotels have room service. The pod does not have pod service.
  3. In a hotel bed, I like to spread my arms to their full wingspan. There's something delightfully extravagant about not being able to feel either side of a big ol' mattress. Here in the pod, I'm able to reach both opposing walls at the same time!
  4. In the pod, I can slide the shower door closed from the bed.
  5. To be clear, the bathroom and bedroom are one and the same here in the pod.
  6. There's no traditional toilet in the pod. One does one's business into a little pneumatic tube. It's actually very cool.
  7. The pod hotel is built underground. My pod is on floor -8.
  8. In the pod, you have to call the front desk when you want to leave, because all pods are made modular to maximize space. For safety reasons the doors only open upon request. You usually have to wait a few minutes, so I like to call down as I'm getting ready to leave.
  9. There are even smaller pods which can be booked for a yearly rate only. You can't move around in them, and it'd be impossible do anything in there other than sleep, due to the reduced oxygen-flow. But if you crunch numbers, the value per night really can't be beat. At least not in New York City.
  10. There is a closed-circuit camera inside each pod, but if you hook your 'Do Not Disturb' sign over the piece that mounts it to the ceiling, it's totally not a big deal.
  11. The concierge here is a hulking man in a black shroud. He crouches atop a pile of bones in the lobby corner, sharpening his blade and awaiting further instructions.
  12. But my favorite thing about the pod hotel is that it's just a few blocks from Grand Central.