Mindwebs is a pop-up "vintage book and magazine" shop inside Meltdown comics, run by my old high school pal Bret Berg (formerly of the Cinefamily). They're ending their three-month run with a 50% off sale that ends on Sunday. I suggest checking it out.
  1. L.A. Shortcuts: The Guidebook For Drivers Who Hate To Wait by Brian Roberts and Richard Schwadel, 1989
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    That's right, I do not drive. But I am a masterful navigator with an excellent sense of direction. And I am excited to learn pre-Waze shortcuts such as Gil Turner's Turnaround, The Old Filmex Special, and Richard's Back Door Blast to Westwood. Sadly, many of the landmarks on the illustrated map are long gone: Hamburger Hamlet, Tower Records, Kelbo's...
  2. Film Comment, May-June 1977 issue
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    Annie Hall on the cover. Inside: Andrew Sarris on Gangster films, Carlos Clarens on G-Man films, Robin Wood on Godard, even Amos Vogel up in there. This magazine use to be significantly more academic than it is now.
  3. Joys of Oral Love, by Susan and Donald Grant, 1975
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    From the back cover: "Fully illustrated! A tasteful, elegant and complete look at the variety of human sexuality. A hymn of praise to the many joyous possibilities of human sexual communication." But boy, those illustrations are AWESOME.
  4. Sight and Sound, Summer 1973 issue
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    Fosse on the cover. Inside: articles on O Lucky Man!, Hitchcock's Frenzy, Marlowe on the screen, James Whale. Reviews of The Heartbreak Kid, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex..., THX 1138. And immediately upon opening it, I found myself looking at an advert/application for the London Film School which would have run around the time my father was studying there.
  5. Spectacular Optical, Book One: Kid Power, edited by Kier-La Janisse and Paul Corupe, 2014
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    A new book series from the Canadian film and pop culture small press of the same name. The first issue focuses on kid-centric cult classics. In it, Bret interviewed the guy who made The Peanut Butter Solution.
  6. Films and Filming, May 1976 issue
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    Sutherland just owning the cover in Fellini Casanova. Inside: amazing photospreads, listings of upcoming London film openings (The Missouri Breaks is coming to the Odeon Leicester Square in July), a review of The Man Who Fell To Earth, and film-centric classified ads like this one from a guy named Daniel in Boone, North Carolina who really wants to get his hands on Julie Christie stills or magazine pictures.