1. Is that... Yep. That's him.
  2. Cold sweat.
  3. Well he's seen you looking at him so you'll have to at least acknowledge that you're walking towards each other.
  4. Oh good, he's on the phone so you'll be spared the awkward convo.
  5. You have now locked eyes.
  6. Be the bigger man. Remember: HE was the one who instigated this.
  7. You're about to cross paths.
  8. And then you find yourself hugging him.
  9. Why are you hugging him?
  10. Was the hug just an involuntary reaction to seeing someone you've had years of great times with?
  11. Or maybe the hug is your way of saying, without words, "I have nothing but love for you. Even if you don't want it, and even if you make irrational fucking decisions."
  12. Not a word is exchanged between you.
  13. And he's already gone.
  14. @jeffconrad, who's been walking next to you this whole time, don't forget, remarks "That was such a sweet interaction."
  15. And you're like "Dude you have no idea what just happened."
  16. You explain, and Jeff wonders aloud, "Was he actually on the phone, or was he just pretending?"
  17. Good question, Jeff. Good question.