In the interest of transparency:
  1. I have three drafts.
  2. One is the list I'm currently working on.
    I rarely have more than one or two lists actively on deck. Tend to make lists more or less in the moment. This one will be done soon and then I will post it.
  3. The second is a list with a single entry.
    DR. STRANGEDOME: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BALD. Something I intended to write and never got around to. More or less uninspired, but still find the title funny.
  4. The third is called PEOPLE TO INVITE
    A practical, if pretty much defunct list. I invited the people who used to be on here before deleting their names. A few smart people who don't use iPhones remain, as does the lead singer of a popular band who I think would be great on the List App, but would never download it.
  5. We all use this thing differently, which is cool.
    But seeing all of your drafts, I feel like I've been doing this wrong the whole time. I mean obviously I don't REALLY feel that way, and I take pride in what I write. But I definitely feel like an outsider in the Draft Week Era.
  6. Or am I misunderstanding Draft Week?