1. Multiple people (listappers even!) had recommended it to me over the last week.
    I'm not really a podcast guy...
  2. Feels like the anti-Serial.
    Short, sweet, solvable mysteries (so far).
  3. Starlee Kine seems insane. [EDIT: @starlee Hi. This is a compliment]
  4. I love a good mystery. I do.
  5. I like her creative approach to integrating the sponsor plugs into the vibe of the show.
  6. I listened with dear friends Dan and Katherine, during late-nite 4th of July, Malibu to Silverlake traffic. We laughed. The traffic was made more bearable. Perfect end to a great Los Angeles day.
  7. SPOILER! When the mystery of the disappearing TriBeCa video store was revealed...
    Dan and Katheine realized they had met and been in the apartment of the owner!?!
  8. I want to know how tall Jake Gullenhaal REALLY is, once and for all.