Sufjan is playing in this cray-cray auditorium tonight. The crew got a little tour of some sealed-off zones within this overwhelmingly huge Historic Place.
  1. The auditorium itself is cavernous and scary. Very few windows in the building.
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  2. So many doors and cabinets have sheets of paper that say "Mason's Property" taped to them.
  3. Some bricks have shit written on them.
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  4. Believe it or not, there is a small river running under the sub-basement.
  5. This room.
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  6. The top floor of the lodge (labelled 4 in the elevator, but actually the 6th floor) has a d.i.y. shooting range in it.
  7. This jacket.
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  8. There are staircases that are blocked off, accessible only through padlocked entrances.
  9. Masons are ushers for tonight's show. They're wearing tuxedos.
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