Things people have called me that aren't actually my name.

  1. Tivo
    No really. The bartender at a dive bar I used to frequent multiple times a week called me that and I could never correct him because it made me laugh and eventually I was well past the statute of limitations on correcting my name.
  2. Torva
    I get this one a lot. It might be my accent or something but people definitely think there's an r after the o when I introduce myself and then it's really laborious to correct them.
  3. Kasza
    I don't know, it was another dumb dude who I was actually fb friends with so he should have known better. It's not even close to my name.
  4. Tove
    I like this one because it's more like a nickname.
  5. Toga, toga, toga
    Because everybody in this country loves animal house and occasionally reminding me that my name is similar to an American fraternity tradition.