1. Dad
    Gave me a roof and food even though I'm a total fuck up. The exchange: I'm Cinderella
  2. Mom
    At least she's TRYING. She sometimes brings stuff from the food bank and makes art for people. She could be doing so much better, but at least she's trying.
  3. Alex
    One person who actually remembers I exist and helps me be less turtle ish in public
  4. Ethan
    Appreciates me utterly for who I am 😭 He tells me over and over that I DO deserve love even when I'm at my lowest point and still being a fuck up.
  5. Chris
    Still my friend even after months of not talking. Lent me his SoulSilver game after I complained I lost mine in the woods and wanted to play it. He is a good friend and his sassy attitude toward life and everything is refreshing.