Health and Productivity Apps I've Been Using

Maybe not all are "health" related but they surely help ME in a therapeutic way, what with my Aspergers obsessive anxiety crap.
  1. Stigma
    Mental health journaling app. An online community to post anonymous short journal entries to receive support and vent your mental problems to people who actually want to listen and help. Also receive anonymous "Pen Pals" you can chat privately with about whatever you want: your issues, your problems, your traumas, or even just your day and favorite things, some which will become close friends you will want to share your name with. This app has really helped me feel better in my own skin.
  2. Dream
    Public dream journaling. I am obsessed with recording my dreams, so I might as well post them publicly. Anyone online is only there to discuss dreams, and it is great to talk about what the dreams might be or what triggered the dreams in the first place. Most people don't like talking about dreams, but the people on this app certainly do.
  3. Pillow
    The sleep analysis section of my health app suggested this one to me. I have only used it a short time. It listens while you sleep and analyzes your sleep patterns and lets you add notes to see what correlates with how well or badly I sleep. It will be interesting to see if I can fix my troubles with sleeping with this app...but I am using only the free version. The premium has way more gadgets to it that I can't use, including saving audio clips of stuff while you sleep.
  4. Stenosaur
    This app is awesome. It is a journaling app in which once you post the entry, you cannot go back in and edit it. It is great for writing stream of consciousness without having the stream being ruined by nitpicking grammar and editing impulses when you look back on it later. Its just pure unadulterated brain crap! Its beautiful! You just write your brain vomit, and can come back to it later, just like classic old diaries and notebooks! It has helped me with my writing, as I edit more than I write