1. All dogs are male and all cats are female
  2. Cats are smarter than people
  3. Spaghetti dinner is fancy
  4. The planet ends at the horizon and the sunset is the entrance to heaven
    I remember being on a road trip with my grandma, sitting shotgun, driving into the sunset, and being completely dumbstruck about what was happening
  5. It only snows on Christmas
  6. The word drum is spelled with a b at the end, like the word "dumb".
  7. Babies literally appear out of thin air when you aren't looking
    Btw, I have four younger siblings
  8. Everyone loves Pokémon, not just me 😂
  9. It's okay to sit on a friends doorstep and wait for them to come home
  10. When animals die they become stuffed animals
  11. Reading the dictionary makes you smart
  12. Bongs are magic potions
  13. All the other kids in class are smarter than me
    I was an insecure little girl who had yet to learn she has Aspergers 😅
  14. Kidney beans are tiny kidneys
  15. When there's a stain in the carpet it would be helpful if I cut it out with a pair of scissors
  16. My parents will appreciate the art I draw on the wall
  17. Adults that aren't my parents either think I'm invisible or think I'm just as smart as they are
  18. All adults are allergic to cats and I would also become allergic to them as an adult
  19. Superman and Wonder Woman are married