The First Time I Got Drunk

  1. I was 14
  2. I was home alone
  3. I had just got my braces tightened and earlier my dad had let me take a little bit of gin to numb my aching gums...
  4. So I thought it would be okay if I just...numbed my gums...a several times in a row
  5. I got on EverQuest II, an MMORPG that used to be popular.
  6. I remember excitedly typing away on the keyboard in the general chat room (the chat that everyone online and on your alignment can see)
    I really wish I could go back and see what the hell I must have been talking about.
  7. Other than that, it's a blur, but I'm pretty sure I managed to kill some gnolls in Antonica...
    It's also perfectly possible that I just ran in circles around Qeynos forgetting what I was doing.
  8. I played EQ until my parents came home and then I just went to my bedroom, climbed into my loft bed, and went to sleep
  9. The next day I was too sick to go to school ☺
    I didn't barf though. Yay!
  10. The End
    Great story right?
  11. This is how antisocial nerds discover alcohol as teenagers