As someone who grew up there and has since moved the FUCK AWAY, I will present you my ten favourite Aussie-isms to horrify and delight my foreign friends with. STRAYA!!!!
  1. Give it a burl / give it a red hot go
    I've said this around foreigners and they always call me out on it. Apparently it's weird but it just means give it a try.
  2. Slippery dip
    A playground slide. It's slippery and it dips down. We're very literal down under.
  3. Woop Woop
    If someone lives out in the sticks/'burbs they're said to live "out in Woop Woop" -- apparently this is the equivalent of Americans saying the Boondocks, it's basically the blanket term for anywhere out of the way.
  4. Shag on a rock
    English people always raise their eyebrows at this, but a shag to an Australian is a sea bird/cormorant, and to say someone is "like a shag on a rock" means they're totally alone and isolated. Sorry English people, it's not as fun as it sounds!
  5. Bottle-o
    Liquor store. Off-license. Shortened from "bottle shop". Australians shorten EVERYTHING and always add an "o" on the end. We also say "servo" for "service station" and, of course, "arvo" for afternoon.
  6. Prawn
    And I'm not referring to the fact that we call shrimp "prawns" so would NEVER say "shrimp on the barbie" -- this one is not that common but I love it. The Australian version of a Butterface - someone with a bangin' body but an awful face. A prawn. You're welcome!
  7. Map of Tasmania
    As referenced in Amanda Palmer's sort-of-awful song of the same name, this refers to a lady's au naturel pubic hair situation. Tasmania is shaped like an upside down triangle and apparently Australian dudes like to scream "show us ya map of Tasmania!" out of their cars. Aussie dudes, for the record, are the worst.
  8. Trakkie daks
    Track pants. "chuck on ya trakkie daks and crack a stubbie"
  9. Cark it
    To die, as in "my phone is about to cark it" I personally love this one.
  10. Whipper snipper
    It whips. It snips. It cuts the grass that your dad hasn't touched in a month. It's a handheld mower. Told you we were literal.