Respect the Mullet.
  1. 10. AC Slater
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    Listen up preppy, A.C. may not shoot guns or hunt criminals like some of the other Mullet Men on this list but he WAS baysides greatest highschool wrestler. And while that may not mean much to me or you or Zack, it meant something to someone. ok. Maybe Jessie. Yeah, definitely Jessie.
  2. 9. Andre Agassi
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    Mr. Agassi was skating across tennis courts while the gracefulness of Oksana Baiul for years, b. And he did it with a mullet and headband. That same mullet fueled his deal with Nike to release his own line of signature shoes. Which by the way, are very dope.
  3. 8. Martin Riggs
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    No one else on this list has managed to balance crazy and cool as well as Mel Gibson has done in the Lethal Weapon movies. Notice after cutting it, he faded out of the spotlight. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
  4. 7. Dog, The Bounty Hunter
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    Speaking of Cops, next up is Dog. Realistically speaking, you really don’t want this guy showing up to your house looking for you. Bounty Hunters have to be bad ass, so it only makes sense he has a mullet. Besides, mullets and guns go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Frankly, a man nicknamed Dog really isn’t someone you want to piss off anyway.
  5. 6. Uncle Jessie
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    Be honest, your Uncle isn’t cooler than Uncle Jessie. It’s okay, mine isn’t either. He rarely gave the kids any good advice. He did however wear leather jackets, play the guitar, and get all the bitches. That’s all that mattered. And apparently from the photo, Uncle Jessie was a gang member. Throw it up Jess!
  6. 5. Rambo
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    Long before Liam Neeson was kicking organizations asses for kidnapping his family, Rambo was out here with nothing more than a bandana, pocket knife and a semi auto weaving through Army’s like Speed Racer through lanes. There is no doubt he belonged in the top 5.
  7. 4. Michael Jackson
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    Way back, M.J. was telling stories of wayward hoes trying to pin kids on him. Have you seen Billie Jean? He didn’t even look stressed over it. Talk about cool. Til this day I’ve been trying to make the pavement light up while I walk.
  8. 3. Captain Planet
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    “With your powers combined…” The Justice League and the Avengers may have had permanent bans against superheros with Mullets, but that didn’t stop Captain Planet from going solo. No one else on this list can say they dyed their mullet a cooler color. Better pick up that Sprite can. Or else.
  9. 2. Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels
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    Easily a Hall of Fame Superstar, HBK, while not as big as many of his opponents has entertained audiences in the ring for as long as I can remember. Cage matches, no holds barred, you name it. Respect one of the best to ever do it.
  10. 1. Patrick Swayze
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    Bet you didn’t see this coming. Yes there are other great Mullets such as Chuck Norris and MacGyver that do deserve honorable mention, but Swayze earns that number 1 spot due to his versatility. Don’t believe me? Well lets see. Mullets by definition are business in the front, party in the back, correct? Has he not been known to party (Dirty Dancing) & still rip throats out when it's time to get serious? (Roadhouse) I rest my case.