A gem from our vaults. What's geeky or nerdy about super-fans of @PBS and public tv? Tell us your own!
  1. You knew who Ken Burns was before he was an iMovie special effect.
  2. You rescheduled your wedding vows to accommodate Mary and Matthew's big day.
  3. You're more excited about meeting Mark Walberg than Mark Wahlberg.
  4. You believed in Snuffleupagus before he was real.
  5. You think $150 for a 3-DVD set is a bargain.
  6. As soon as you get home from work, you swap out your shoes and cardigan.
  7. You have a tattoo of Bob Ross's happy little clouds.
    We don't need/want to know where.
  8. You realize that PBS and NPR are different!
    And you contribute to both.
  9. You know more about Doc Martin than you do about Doc Martens.
  10. You can't count to three without adding "ah, ah, ahhhh."
  11. Your favorite math teacher was a little boy named John-John.