I'm 20 years old and somehow all of the kids that I grew up with are getting married right now. I am clearly NOT ready to do that. I mean, I can't even properly feed myself. So here's a list of things that I can do instead of getting married.
  1. Spoil my cats
    Now, this may sound sad and lonely for a 20 year old woman to spend her time doing but it's actually very rewarding. Cats are such assholes so if you can be successful in making them happy for 5 minutes with a new toy then you know it's a good day.
  2. Watch Star Wars and Harry Potter over and over
    Han Solo and Ron Weasley will never disappoint me.
  3. Never stop listening to Adele's new album
    LeT mE pHoToGrApH yOu In ThIs LiGhT iN cAs - Oh, Hello, I didn't see you there.
  4. Obsess over tattoos that you'd love to get but will hopefully never get
    "You know, I've always wanted this unicorn horn with some flowers wrapped around it because it represents the harshness of the pressure to always be creative and yet real life is just so beautiful."
  5. Go to a shit ton of concerts
    Now this one will require some cash but it's very fulfilling and takes up a lot of time! If you go to a music festival, you'll rock out for at least 16 hours. Yes, 16 hours of thoughtless rocking. There's also some really nice eye candy to obsess over.