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From star wars. I guess if you didn't know that this list makes no sense anyway.
  1. Chewbacca lady
    Love her! Wish I could find that much joy from something.
  2. 1975 Christmas special
    Why? Ugh. Painful to watch. Especially his creepy dad.
  3. Squad goals
    Bromance at its best.
  4. Fun fur
    I knit golf club covers and he requires that fuzzy yarn that feels like it is getting in your nose while you knit. Plus it has no stretch. It looks so cute though.
  1. Pablo picasso
    This is what happens when you bring a 5 yo to see Guernica at the MOMA. Art can be beautiful AND meaningful? Yes please.
  2. Woody Allen
    Ugh, I am so disappointed in what he became but I cannot leave him off. Awkward, funny and smart. I love the sadness in his humor. He taught me the power of laughter during your darkest times.
  3. Howard stern
    He taught me to be open. The right people will be there to listen.
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In the 80's I had a bulletin board covered in posters. These were some of my choices
  1. Top gun
    Didn't see the movie, just thought he was cute
  2. Michael Jackson
    My dad recorded my album to a tape for me so I could listen on my Walkman. Constantly. Of course headphones didn't help them because I would sing along. Loudly.
  3. Guernica
    I went to the Picasso exhibit at the moma and was never the same. Pretty dark art for a kids room.
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Hippie parents brought me with them, this is what happened. Inspired by @dad3
  1. I wore a tweety bird costume
    It was Halloween and they were having a costume contest. I also happened to be 5.
  2. I napped
    Drum solo was my cue. I went to 21 shows and fell asleep every time.
  3. Bought an official concert tshirt
    I still have it. It is tie dye and has no dates on it.
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  1. Pro knitter
    "Do you sew?" Yes but why would you ask me that, there is a seamstress at just about every dry cleaner.
  2. Candy store associate
    Make the basket look full but cost next to nothing. Ain't gonna happen.
  3. Mom
    Would walk my kids to daycare in the stroller. Looked crazy walking home with the empty stroller.
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  1. Boyfriend called the house in the middle of night
    A landline, I know, how strange.
  2. Wrote my school papers by hand, then typed them.
    Oh and my mom spellchecked them first cause no spellcheck. Oh, and it was on a typewriter.
  3. Watched "must see tv" live
    Had to wait until summer reruns if you missed it or hope you had a friend who could retell it the next day.
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Just getting started here. This may be useful
  1. Knitting projects I will never finish and should probably frog
  2. Exercises I can tolerate
  3. Ideas for golf club cover designs
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